Sunday, June 29, 2008

Revelations Revealed

I couldn't sleep last night. I tossed and turned and pondered over things so insignificant I can't even remember them. I do remember that I spent hours on the hilarity that is Beyoncitis, (pure comedy). I do also know that there were visions of clothes involved, so that's something. I get materialistic at night.

Today's shift at VS was a roller coaster of Tag-Team Co-Worker (aka TT) and I's shenanigans, pushy customers, and visits from various members of my family. They didn't see my at my best work moments, because I was dealing with said pushy customers at the time. Besides that, today was probably one of the better (funner?) days I've had so far. The downside of hot guys coming into the store is that they're almost always with their girlfriends. Husbands are funny, though, they either get right into the selection process or they wander around uncomfortably and wait until their wife is done giving the credit card a workout. Lots of cute couples came in today; that was actually mildly depressing. But, alas, life goes on.

And now, the coup de gras: today, a real, live tranny** walked through the door and made my life complete. I know. Who else could this have possibly happened to but me? I nearly died with delight right there on the showroom floor and crashed into the clearance 34DDs. Now, as far as drag standards go, s/he was more Madea than RuPaul. (S)He was actually kind of sad looking, when he came in, as (s)he made his/her purchases (oh, yes, our friend didn't leave empty-handed!), and as he-or-she left. Didn't matter, still made my day. What drag-a-licious goodness. If Favorite Co-Worker had been there, we would have had a collective fit of calamity because, as it turns out, we are both fag-hags of the highest order. Which, among many other reasons of course, is why she's my Favorite Co-Worker.

**I just read this article about the word "tranny" being a derogatory term. Say it ain't so! If it turns out that I've been using a term commonly accepted as "dirty" to describe the dear transgendered folk among us, I will absolutely hang my head in shame! I use terms of endearment and words of love, dammit! "Tranny" is no different. But if, after I do some research, "tranny" is the N-word of the intersexual/transsexual community, I will of course attempt to mend my ways. I'm sorry to say, though, that the descriptive phrase "hot tranny mess" can and will be used when necessary.


DBaby said...

say it ain't so about tranny not being pc. I love that word and I'm soooooo jealous of u.

Lucky said...

LOL why are you jealous? And yes, I might have to throw caution to the wind about using the word "tranny." We'll see...