Wednesday, June 11, 2008

They Say Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

For my own enjoyment, I just gave myself a Winehouse-esque beehive. It's about 2 3/4 feet shorter than hers, but it does come with a drawn-on beauty mark, big bamboo earrings, and an a capella, impromptu performance of "Tears Dry on Their Own." Even my mother laughed and asked if I planned to leave the house with it on. Maybe, I said. Just maybe.

What ever happened to the little brother from "Spy Kids"? I've seen the daughter pop-up on occasion, but never the curly-haired sprite, Juni Cortez. Donde esta? Oh, wait...he grew up cute! And he's done a thing or two, I guess. Nicely done. But while we're on the subject, the mom in this movie is a hot piece.

I found a cute (read: fine as hell) boy on my Facebook-friend list, but I am concerned that he might be a homosexualist. I used to be able to tell, now I am covertly suspicious.

I'm afraid to report that I am once again under a tragic Laundry Watch Part 2. We're getting our laundry room re-tiled, so the washer and dryer are sitting in the garage for the time being. Luckily, I just bought some new work clothes (and no, they do not include Lucite heels or a Velcro velvet dress, ma'am!) so I should be good. I am, however, running out of that which goes under my clothing so, chop chop!


DBaby said...

U have no ideal how much I wish those work clothes included an exquisite pair of lucite heels a la Shana Sand lol

Lucky said...

Me too, D. Me too. The station would be overwhelmed with the elegance and grace emanating from those shoes.

DBaby said...