Monday, June 9, 2008


Have gotten v. supportive and funny texts from friends in the past few days. Also have been too busy to write and stuff, so this post might have to stretch for a few days. So make it count!!

Yesterday's family party for my cousin (Engineer Cousin) and his fiancee was pretty fun, even though a heinous thunderstorm eventually made a mockery of our barbecue. Luckily everyone had just sat down to eat when my uncle looked out the window and said, "Batten the hatches, people!" Sure enough, ugly winds and rain came crashing down moments after, leaving us without TV and music for awhile. For the record, the Fiancee's ring is a huge monstrosity of a diamond, which looks even more so because of her petite little hand. She let my aunt and mom try it on. All I could do was shake my head...if I ever got a diamond ring that big, you'd have to pry it from my cold, dead hands to try it on. But that's just me.

Had to wake up and intern today, which was unlike the other days. I didn't have to wait in the lobby to be buzzed in, for starters (which actually meant that I didn't get to catch "Ellen" like I usually do waiting for someone to come get me). I spent the day researching trivia and history for a segment on [My City]. It was surprisingly fun; I didn't sit around like a big dork all day.

Later today, because 'twas a hot day, I took my sisters to my aunt's apartment complex for a swim with my Little Cousin. Unfortunately, the entire complex had the same idea, and Little Cousin didn't even join us. I didn't have a bathing suit, my sisters didn't want to get in without me (they're complicated, I know), and the sun had gone down. Basically, aside from hanging out briefly with my aunt, our little swim adventure was a bust, to be retried on one the of many upcoming hot days of summer.

One swimmer had an incredible body, though, as my sisters (and aunt) pointed out. He was okay looking, though. Kind of young. Not that I didn't get an eyeful anyway.

Tomorrow I have to wake up at the crack of dawn to work at VS. By the way, should I have left the store where I work anonymous as well? Just in case? I have no idea. But it's too late now. Or in any case, I'm too lazy to change every mention to "Lingerie Store." Ah, well. Anyway, tomorrow's my first official day, not in training. Wish me luck and let Jesus be kind customers!

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