Friday, June 27, 2008

To the Front Lines I Go

Turns out I have to work the entire weekend. The one weekend, of course, that Florida Godmother and Atlanta Godfather and his family are coming to town. When I told FG that I had to work even today, she scoffed, "Pssh! Girl, you've got your whole life to work!"

But, as I told her, I need money like, now. And since it will be awhile before my rich husband comes to sweep me off my feet, I need a Plan B in the form of the closing shift at VS. It's not even my real shift; I agreed to fill in for a co-worker who was in a bind. Sigh. I mean, it's Friday and everything, but it's not like I can really see the light at the end of the tunnel because, like I said, I have to work Saturday and Sunday. But I refuse to let The Man bring me down (and for once, The Man is not a nickname for a ne'er do well ex, hah!). As they say, "make that money, don't let it make you!"

Crud. I still have to get dressed and throw some makeup on. Maaaaaan that couch and that DVD player are so calling my name right now. Come on, girl. Get thee to the bathroom, stat. Half-priced lingerie waits for no woman...

I'm rolling my eyes, but when I return I shall be in a better mood for which to entertain y'all, my dears.

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